Pen Plating

24kt Gold Plating Option  24kt Gold: This bright, pure gold plate gives pens a rich, luxurious finish. Beautiful and long-lasting, a “premium rack plating” process is used, then sealed with an epoxy coating for durability. Other gold plating options include 10Kt and 22Kt.

Black Titanium Nitride Plating Option  Black Titanium Nitride:This Black Titanium Nitride plating has an elegant appearance of gun metal.

Gold Titanium Nitride: This Gold Titanium Nitride plating looks just like 24kt Gold and is absolutely permanent.

Platinum Group Plating Option  Rhodium (Platinum Group): The Rhodium plating is from the platinum chemical group. Extremely durable, it will not tarnish and resists scratching and acid staining. A favorite with pen makers and collectors.

Chrome Plating Option  Chrome: This Chrome plating is a shiny durable silver finish.

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